The swiss flutist Jan Grimm plays the concert flute right- as well as left-handed. He has uploaded some interesting videos about playing a left-handed flute version.

Die neue Welt des linksseitigen Querflötenspiels
Changing from right-sided to left-sided flute
Franz Doppler: concerto for two flutes and orchestra
Franz Doppler: Andante et rondo (op. 25)

The american flutist and flute teacher James Brinkmann is a right-hander. He set himself a goal: practice the left flute for 30 days to explore the beginner's perspective in order to be a better teacher, by practicing 15-20 minutes daily. He documented his 30 sessions and his progress in an interesting video series where he was able to quickly and easily learn various melodies on the left flute, even including "Flight of the bumblebee". Brinkmann demonstrates that the left flute is accessible to all right handed teachers and students.
„Left Hand Flute Project: A Beginner's Experience from a Professional's Perspective“