VIENTO flutes - Silver plated, with silver riser

The VIENTO FL 208 flutes are similar in design and mechanics to the FL 108 series. But from the FL 208 series onwards our flutes are made from a tube material provided by a Japanese supplier. This alloy has outstanding acoustic properties and a high hardness. In addition the FL 208 series features a riser in solid silver, which contributes to its fine sound characteristics. Grinded toneholes ensure a proper seal with the pads.
5 year warranty on all VIENTO flutes!

VIENTO flute FL 208 R

VIENTO flute FL 208 R

The sound of the FL 208 is warm and powerful, with lots of volume. The hand cut riser ensures a fast and clean response. The FL 208 is an excellent value for money. It is recommended for beginners as well as for more advanced players.

Material: Nickel silver, silver plated. Silver riser, E mechanism, offset G, wooden case, carry bag. 5 year warranty.

VIENTO flute FL 208closed holes € 595,00
VIENTO flute FL 208 Ropen holes € 609,00
VIENTO flute FL 208 CLike FL 208, with straight and curved headjoints € 675,00
VIENTO flute FL 208 RCLike FL 208 R, with straight and curved headjoints € 689,00

The VIENTO FL 208 is also available in a left version for physiotheraphy, teaching and for left-handed flutists.


The FL 108 and FL 208 series flutes come with an elegant bag in the VIENTO colors purple/orange. On request the bag can also be provided in black/orange. It is padded inside and has a pocket for the cleaning stick and the cleaning cloths. In the original VIENTO bag your flute is always well protected.